Silly Saturday : Google Translator yang Macam Hapa Hapa Tah!

By Mizz Coki - Februari 18, 2012

OK readers.
Mari imbas balik entri lepas.
Harap-harap korang masih ingat.

BUTTERWORTH: The tactics of a woman carrying two children aged five and two years to accompany him to do evil with their partner does not work when dicekup authorities in a cheap hotel in HYPERTENSION, yesterday. Women and arrested30-year-old partner Enforcement of Islamic Religious Affairs Department of Penang (JHEAIPP) after receiving a pair of unrelated information to make cheaphotels in the area.More surprising run through the interrogation, the women still understand her husband's wife and is now being held in prison for car theft as a result of the offense the past two years. When arrested, the women in full uniform whilesupporting a two-year-old son and his partner naked and wearing only a towel.Head of Operations Unit JHEAIPP, Khairul Azman Azizan said, on its face, people think of them as husband and wife accompanied by two children, but thetactic failed to dupe the authorities. "The investigation revealed that the coupleare not married, but she still wife," he found after the operation. He said the newinvestigation revealed that the man was released after two years imprisonment for the offense to rob a gas station. He said the operation began at 10 pm until 3 amthe 24th, accompanied by enforcement officers.

Totally hillarious.
Sila rujuk perkataan yang di Large dan Bold itu.

Padanlah Kementerian Pertahanan punya website kena kutuk kaw-kaw punya.
Sangat memalukan.

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