Lets Nom Nom! Aisyah's Food Theme Giveaway. Mari Join Ramai-Ramai!!

By Mizz Coki - April 12, 2011

Haaa, ada giveaway ni meh la semua pakat ramai-ramai ikut ye!

Blog Aisyah De Cullen wow ni anak Dr. Cullen ke menantu Dr. Cullen ni? Ahaaksss..

Anyway, bila korang join getaway ni these are what you will get:-
1) Pink bento box
2) Chopstick + pink case
3) Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Cleansing foam (Olive essence)
4) Elianto Vege Mask Sheet (Mix vegetables & pumpkin)
5) Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm (Strawberry)
6) Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm (Orange) <-- Japan edition
7) Melaka fridge magnet 

Well, ada syarat-syaratnya okeh?

 Terms and condition:-
1) Must be a public follower of my blog or a friend in my facebook. (I'll check so no cheating~) 
2) If you have a blog, it must not be just for giveaways. Entries:- (Compulsory) 

1) Comment below. (Just say 'enter me' or whatever it is you want to say XD) 
2) Post about this giveaway in your blog and use the picture above or put in your blog's sidebar or if you are a friend on facebook, share this link at your facebook. (Again, I will check!) Extra entries:- 

1) Tell me a good English/korea/japan song. Giveaway ends on 18th April 2011 on 12 midnight! (Tinggal 6 hari saja lagi!!)

OK Miss Aisyah.  Enter me!  I'm not so into Japan or any Korean as my daughter does but I can tell you the best song, the most evergreen for me is this particular song from 911 called THE DAY WE FIND LOVE.  Just listen to it as I listen to it over and over again, it never bores me.

Well, that's for you Aisyah, hope you will adore this song as much as I do.

*** Mizz Coki ***
Pecah kaca atas simen,
Lepas baca harap komen!

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