Tadi Godek-Godek FB si Gabby...... Auuwwwww Terharunya!

By Mizz Coki - Mac 19, 2011

Budak-budak sekarang..... mak dia ada FB dia nak jugak.  Orang ada blog, dia nak ada jugak.

Tapi pernah tak korang godek-godek FB anak-anak ke, anak buah ke..... Lepas breakfast, konon nak start menjahit tapi terbukak laptop (terbukak ke??? ahahahha) dan bukak profile FB milik Gabby.  OK, korang bacalah sendiri.  Kita pun tak sangka dia boleh buat karangan 'sebagus' ini.

Hi , my name is Gabriella and I am 11 years old . I am studying in SK.ST.Teresa , Kuching and currently in class 5B . It is great pleasure to meet you all ! .

I was born on the 7th of November and my horoscope is a scorpio and dragon is the chinese . My birthplace is at the Sarawak General Hospital which is near my mother ' s old office . My blood type is O and I am a lefty . My height is 5"2 and my weight , is a secret . I cannot tell you because I am overweight .

My hobbies are drawing , reading , internet surfing for 24 hours . My special skill is eating . The strong point(s) of mine is/are being bright , cheerful and also can get along with anyone . But the weak(est) point(s) in me is I get angry really easily and being selfish . I have a habit of moving the chair when I am on the internet . My favorite colors are pink , black and white and I like all flowers . The things I like are anything cute and pink , the internet and all magical girl things . The things I hate is getting scolded by my parents or the teacher , looking touching bugs by hearing annoying noises of them and people take Lionel Messi from me . The things I am scared of is my father when he
is angry , bugs , rollercoasters , haunted houses , ghosts , cockroaches and wild animals . My favorite word is ' I ♥ You ' I ♥ the winter cuz ' I can go out to play whenever I want . I like to eat rice , eggs , mushroom soup , chicken wing . English is my best subject and I love drinking orange juice and cold milo . My charm point is my sweet smile .

My favorite animals are cats and puppies . The most respected person in life is my mom , my best friends in the whole wide world and Lionel Messi . Running and work-outs are my favorite sports . I like to wear anything cute , frilly , glittery , heart shaped patterned clothing with ribbons and more glittery . The personal treasure of mine is my favorite pillow . The activities on holidays I did are FB-ing , listening to the music in the internet , looking through my favorite show in the internet and studying for school . When I am going to a deserted island , I will bring all beach attire with delicious food ( Yum !! ) . If I won a lottery , I will use the money for shopping , shopping . When , I grow up , I want to be a model and singer . I want to go all around the world . My favorite spot is a shopping mall , restraunt , beach and the PLAYGROUND . In a group , I would probally be a dumb one but a big helping hand .

The most respected person in her life is Mizz Coki.  Terima kasih wahai anakku... Semoga ko membesar bagai johan dalam semua aspek yang positif dalam hidup.  Amen.

Kalau part nak jadi 'model' tu... Mizz Coki rasa memang kena reject dengan Papa nya..... Hahhaha!!

*** Mizz Coki ***
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